Advertising Disclosure

Your emphasis on your primary goal of providing valuable information to your visitors is commendable, and it's important to be transparent about the revenue you generate through advertising fees from online casino operators. The disclosure regarding the potential influence of fees on star ratings and rankings is a crucial step in maintaining transparency and trust with your audience.

It's also good to mention the methodologies your in-house experts employ when creating reviews, considering factors such as market analysis, brand strategies, and fees paid to your platform. However, it's important to acknowledge that your platform may not cover all brands in the online casino market, which is a helpful disclaimer for users seeking a comprehensive overview.

The recognition that the information on your website is subject to change and that prices and details are not guaranteed unless explicitly stated is vital for managing user expectations. Overall, your transparency and commitment to providing valuable insights to your users while disclosing potential influences are important for maintaining trust and credibility in the online gambling information space.